British Freeride Winter Opener

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Welcome to the British Freeride Blog!

Through out the winter we will keep this well stocked with articles, interviews, updates and the low down on events!

Thanks for everyone who attended the Winter Opener in Edinburgh earlier this month. If you didn’t make it along here’s a brief look at what went on.

Photos – Rory Cavanagh and Adam Hicks



Needless to say we were pretty excited about our stamps – they went down a treat with 250 or so excited snow lovers attending! 



Blizzard and Tecnica came along to showcase their line up including some new carbon in the freeride quiver. 



Haglofs had some sweet tshirts for our team. As the headline sponsor they will be making sure we stay warm and dry out in the hills this winter. 



Fresh off the press the Martin Kay Design LATE logo was a winner. 



Blair Aitken – primary teacher, family man, and hillwalker – gave us a run down of what it is to ski in Scotland. Some of the challenges to be aware of are the boiler plate, spindrift and lack of moonlight whilst in Alladins! His film from this July painted a slightly more attainable picture of skiing and climbing on Ben Nevis.

Check it out:



As a skier, writer and philosophy lecturer Philips area of work has focused on heuristic traps and competencies in decision making. Applied to snow safety this is a vital consideration in everyone’s preparation and whilst out in the hills. The take home point for me was this slide detailing that ‘smart and informed people make stupid mistakes.’

Philip references McCammon’s Heuristic Traps Article in his presentation.
We will hopefully have a guest blog from Philip on the topic and some more links to resources up here soon.

I would also recommend reading his article for The American Avalanche Journal which can be found here.


Beautiful mountains & icebergs on the Southern tip of Greenland.

British Freeride coach Amy Marwick introduced our first film Shifting Ice and Changing Tides. She had previously met up with Nat Segal – a friend and coach from Australia – to find out the ins and outs of skiing in Greenland. Strikingly similar lines to Scotland were contrasted with the ocean and yacht waiting below. The spirit of adventure soaked through the film and I’m sure it is not just me who has Greenland high on their to-do-list.

Check out Amy’s article here; Cooler Magazine Article

And the trailer for the film:



The usual ski raffle was exchanged for something a little more fun and challanging. The questions was posed ;

How many KM did we each walk during the filming of LATE?.

The worst answer of 0km! received a t-shirts alongside the optimistic answer of 1700km! Somewhere in the middle some top mental math, combined with detailed knowledge of the highlands (or a total guess) landed Andrea Margaret with a pair of Blizzard Brahmas for the correct answer of 117km.

After we got through the 50 Freeze Proshop ski tie throw out, the main event kicked off!



A moment we have all be waiting for. It seemed a long time ago, nearly a year, that the idea of the film grew to something that might actually happen. Through the winter it seemed to be on, then off, then large gaps of silence as to who would be available and keen to actually come out and ski for three weeks in May, in Scotland, what even is there to ski there? In May? In Scotland? The long of the short of it is it actually happened! (after finding Gregor our photographer on Facebook, breaking a tent, a ski, [and nearly Twig] and battling our way through Scottish spring storms) We sat wide eyed at the big screen, stoked on the reaction to the spicy lines and Scottish conditions.



After hours of editing and planning we saw the fruits of our labour, with spirits high and after a quick clear up we were off to the pub! Cheers to Jack for the hours of filming, walking and days sat editing LATE.



If you haven’t seen the film already check it out here;

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